Friday, September 25, 2009

Tickets to special screening of ‘New Moon’ up for grabs at 66 pounds


LONDON - Fans of Robert Pattinson have been offered the chance to get their hands on tickets for a special screening of ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ before its release.

The exclusive screening of the second movie in the vampire franchise will cost devotees a staggering 66 pounds.

According to, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are expected to attend the event, reports the Daily Express.

It will be hosted in Knoxville, Tennessee, US, on November 17, three days before the movie hits the US theatres.

The event is meant to help Variety - The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee.

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'New Moon' Tickets Already Selling Out


Fans who are patiently awaiting the November 20 release date of Twilight's latest onscreen saga, New Moon, may have to wait a little longer. Tickets are already selling out online.

Advance-ticket sellers are reporting sold-out screenings for the vampire flick. E! Online reported that Fandango already has 50 theaters sold out for New Moon.

Fans got a sneak-peak of the extended trailer for New Moon during last week's MTV VMAs, which may have sparked advanced ticket sales.

In the preview, unrequited lovers Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) realize the dangerous implications of their romance when a drop of Bella's blood turns almost deadly. The trailer also shows Jake (Taylor Lautner) transform into an impressive werewolf.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BK Teases 'Twilight: New Moon' Tie-in


Dreamy vampires will be on the menu at Burger King next month. The fast-food chain has announced a partnership with Summit Entertainment for a new promotion based around The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The promotion, which begins Nov. 16, will offer holiday value packs in BK Burger Shots six-pack meals. The holiday packs will include New Moon merchandise offers, coupons at retail outlets and collectible cards.

Limited-edition New Moon gift cards for BK meals, featuring the images of the film's stars, will also be on sale at store locations, as well as online at The film, which opens Nov. 20, is expected to see significant box office success, after the first Twilight film grossed more than $380 million when it opened last year.

The promotion has been hinted at as far back as July, when Burger King offered New Moon-themed BK crowns at Comic-Con in San Diego. In a statement, Cindy Syracuse, senior director, cultural marketing for BK, said, "While full promotional details are still to come, we can confirm that beginning November 16, BK restaurants will offer guests access to a number of limited-edition, movie-themed offers and merchandise."

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Muse To Provide Exclusive Remix For 'New Moon' Soundtrack


Muse already provided one of the musical high points for the first "Twilight" film when their "Supermassive Black Hole" played during the vampire baseball scene. Now, singer Matt Bellamy has confirmed that Stephenie Meyer's favorite band will do the honors again by providing a reworked tune from their new album, The Resistance for the soundtrack of the film's sequel, "New Moon".

Speaking to MTV UK, Bellamy said that "New Moon" director Chris Weitz had spoken to him recently about doing a remix of the quirky piano tune "I Belong to You."

"He wants a rendition of that, but the only thing with the new film is they want the songs to be exclusive to the film," Bellamy said. "So he's asking if I mind doing, or if we mind doing an alternative version of it."

While a rep for Atlantic Records, which is releasing the "New Moon" soundtrack, did not confirm Bellamy's announcement, he noted that the soundtrack's lineup is expected to be announced Monday (September 21) on Meyer's web site.

Bellamy said the band is up to the challenge. "I think it's all right. ... If it was one of the main tracks on [our] album, I would never do it," he said. "But it's actually one of the weirder tracks on the album ... one of the 'can't believe we got away with it' kind of tracks. I think it might be worth giving it a go [because] it's a track that might not get played live very often ... so it might give that track some life that it wouldn't have otherwise."

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'New Moon' footage to screen at Rome Film Festival?


Now here's a definitive way to trump any claims that you are not the biggest "Twilight" fan in existence: Book a flight to the Rome Film Festival to catch a rumored screening of "New Moon" footage.

That's the news around the Internet water cooler this morning: Various sources are claiming -- and fueling reports -- that previously unscreened scenes from the upcoming "Twilight" sequel will be shown during the fest's run Oct. 15-23.

Details are hazy, natch -- there's no confirmation that the footage will actually be shown, and no word that if there is a showing, there will be any stars in attendance. But man, oh, Manischewitz, it's certainly keeping the bloggers in a state of frenzy.

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'Twilight: New Moon' tickets selling out, 9 weeks before vampire movie opens


"Twilight" fans better get their "New Moon" tickets before it's too late!

Although the next installment in the vampire-romance movie franchise doesn't hit theaters until Nov. 20, nine weeks from now, tix are already selling out in online presales.

In fact, more than a dozen "New Moon" showings have been completely booked.

And a Fandago spokesperson told the trade paper the second film in the undead saga, based on Stephanie Meyers' best-selling books, represents 57% of recent ticket sales, with sellouts at 50 locations already.

According to a web survey of Web users about which holiday release they're looking forward to the most. James Cameron's anticipated sci-fi masterpiece "Avatar" handily swept the competition with 67% of the vote, a strong 33% can't wait to sink their teeth into "New Moon.

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